MyCom is Hiring: Senior Data & Impact Officer

March 31, 2022

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MyCom is hiring a Senior Data & Impact Officer to help us continue demonstrating our success!

The Senior Data and Impact Officer leads internal and external evaluation activity across the complete MyCom Network. The work includes comprehensive and neighborhood Partners. In addition, the Senior Data and Impact Officer supports the development and execution of the MyCom organizational strategy; and supports MyCom's role as a Youth Development Convener and Intermediary by managing the completion of research and evaluation projects.

As a comprehensive network, MyCom aims to maximize our efficiency by building a data culture within the MyCom Intermediary Team and among the network partners. This position will serve as a strategic programmatic leader, convener, trainer, and internal systems developer, with an ultimate goal of an creating and building an internal data system.

This position will also be responsible for direct supervision of intermediary team members, regional coordinators, and lead agencies.

The job will require the following skills:

  • Excellent organizational and project management skills. Ability to multi-task and work well under pressure;
  • Proficient at producing data analyses and translating them to a wide variety of audiences;
  • Maintains relationships with local universities to secure interns and supervises interns on R & E-related projects;
  • Familiarity with program evaluation tools and techniques, including logic models, theory of change, and outcome map development;
  • Familiarity with grant writing and proposal development;
  • Skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Pivot tables, PowerPoint, and Outlook);
  • Outstanding interpersonal, oral, and written communications skills;
  • Knowledge of standard statistical and qualitative methodologies, e.g., basic research design and methods, descriptive and inferential statistics, and other generally-accepted analysis approaches;
  • Ability to identify and solve problems;
  • Ability to self-motivate and work independently;
  • An established commitment to working collaboratively and harmoniously with CSF staff, colleagues, and stakeholders;
  • A commitment to diversity and equal opportunity;
  • Ability to travel. Must have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance; and,
  • Occasional travel to out-of-state and in-state conferences.

Qualifications of the Position
Master's or Ph.D. degree in education, social sciences, or related research/evaluation field preferred. Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 5-years relevant work experience considered.

A minimum of five years of relevant professional experience in heavy data management and reporting roles, preferably in the non-profit sector, is required.

The salary for this position is $72,000 - $102,000, including full medical, dental, and vision benefits and a generous vacation package, and a flexible working environment.

Areas of Responsibility
Partners with the Chief Strategy Officer to implement a comprehensive evaluation framework that provides rigorous data to:

  • (1) all MyCom regional sites to inform program efficacy and guide program improvement efforts; and,
  • (2) the MyCom Intermediary Team to inform on impact, challenges, and areas of need.
  • Manages evaluation projects undertaken by the MyCom Intermediary Team, the MyCom Comprehensive Lead Agencies, the MyCom Neighborhood Lead Agencies, MyCom Community–Based and School Partners, ensuring the timeline completion of all research and evaluation activity and the delivery of related deliverables back to the Chief Strategy Officer, Program Teams or Senior Leadership;
  • Supports overall evaluation strategy through construction and management of data collections, theories of change, and evaluation plans;
  • Partners with Program teams to develop processes and procedures to collect critical student-level outcome data consistently, accurately, and efficiently;
  • Works with the MyCom Intermediary and Neighborhood Programs team members to develop and implement data systems and processes related to data collection, monitoring, analysis, and reporting using both data warehouse and transactional data;
  • Performs data analyses and prepares written reports on the results using the appropriate software tools;
  • Working in partnership with other MyCom Comprehensive Lead Agencies to respond to data requests from internal departments and external organizations;
  • Supports data collection and display for internal performance tracking tools;
  • Leads meetings to discuss reports, key program metrics, and/or other data with Program teams and Senior Leadership;
  • Supports MyCom's grant-seeking processes through the provision of organization data, literature citations, and rigorous data collection and/or evaluation plans;
  • Build and maintain a "data culture" within the MyCom Network, including, but not limited to:
    • Selection of a standing management information system;
    • Updating and managing input into the data system;
    • Train users and superusers;
    • Generate reports;
    • Provide analysis and graphs representing data to management; and,
    • Other duties related to the effective management of data for decision-making.
  • Manage and serve as a key point of contact for systems: partners including, but not limited to, School Districts, Library Systems, Juvenile Justice Systems, etc.
  • Oversee the operations as they relate to fund development, National Initiatives, and National Partnerships;
  • Build performance management tools:
    • Goal setting;
    • Quality management tools;
  • Primary contact for Every Hour Counts national network;
  • Primary contact for adolescent health-related committees, including Youth-Risk Behavior Survey Advisory Committee, Integrated Health Task Force, and others; and,
  • Other duties as assigned.

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  • “MyCom Youth Development Initiative aims to engage via education, such amazing out-of-school opportunities as they recognize that youth who are bullied are more likely to feel disconnected from school."
    Curtis Benjamin
  • "MyCom has extended hundreds of youth exceptional opportunities to grow, expand their knowledge and express their voice in so many ways. I can honestly say that the youth are not the only ones who are learning, growing and having wonderful exposure opportunities. This adult is a beneficiary of countless blessing as well."
    Brenda Pryor
    MyCom Coordinator
  • "It was amazing, and really made me think of my community more, and how I can change it"
    Brandan Newton
    Anton Grdina FLOW Participant

MyCom will enact our mission with race and equality at the forefront of our work as we always have. We will use our thought-leadership, funding, advocacy, and network to redesign service delivery. Together we will rethink infrastructure and create solutions that eliminate access to healthcare, cyclical poverty, access to quality education, housing stability, and other barriers that have impacted black lives.

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